photo of universal companies at silverdale commons
On August 18, 2015, Universal Companies moved its operations to the newly-renovated business center Silverdale Commons in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Universal Companies is the third tenant to move into Silverdale Commons, joining Just Jump Trampoline Park and LabConnect.

Universal Companies is a conglomerate of three diverse entities including Universal Development and Construction (UDC), Universal Tool and Engineering (UTE), and Universal Wine and Spirits (UWS).

Founded in 1998, UDC is a real estate development and management company primarily involved in multifamily and residential builds in the Tri-Cities area. Some of the company’s projects include Boone Ridge Townhomes, Villas at Town Acres, Paxton Place, and Pickens Bridge Village. Led by president Shane Abraham, UDC is a development partner of Silverdale Commons.

Founded in 1979, UTE is a computer numerical control (CNC) metal tube and pipe bending manufacturer. Using custom machinery and patented technologies, UTE provides metalworking and tube fabrication machinery to clients across the globe. Jamie Abraham leads the UTE operation as president.

Founded in 2010, UWS is a fine wine and spirits retailer located in Johnson City. It’s first location opened in 2010 (now Marketplace Boulevard) and its second in 2015 (West Market Street), the largest package store in the Tri-Cities.

Together, Universal Companies employ a staff of forty people soon to be forty-five. “Due to the increase in multifamily developments in the past two years, we are quickly filling up our office space,” said Shane Abraham. “We are hiring project managers, property managers, accountants, and maintenance technicians to keep up with the demand.”

As a manufacturing operation, UTE experienced an uptick in production capacity from the larger space in Silverdale Commons. Jamie Abraham said, “We were formerly working out of two buildings with 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Now, our machines are working in 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space.” The change has allowed UTE to manage a larger product inventory and to meet a higher volume of sales for its clients.

To learn more about Universal Companies, visit the UDC, UTE, or UWS websites or call 423.282.0640.