exterior building

Mitch Cox Construction, Inc. continues to bring Studio Brew to life

Please find recent photo updates of the construction progress on Studio Brew, a historic renovation into a local craft brewery, in the slideshow below.

News updates regarding the brewery
  • The brewery is expected to open in December 2015.
  • The brewery initially will feature¬†twelve beers on tap.
  • Studio Brew owners Erich and Pamela Allen had the brewing equipment shipped overseas from Slovenia, arriving in Bristol on two large trucks.
  • There are three floors in the 25,000 square foot building; the bottom floor will be finished first, including a walk-through experience of the brewery, a growler filling station, a brew bar, and a gift shop.
  • The ceiling of the bottom floor will be opened up to allow stairs to the first floor. The first floor will initially store the grain, but will be renovated into an open spacious area for hosting special events and socializing.
  • An innovative sound system is already installed, provided by EAG Design & Hiwire, Inc.