Philip Cox, CEO of Hotel Management Services

By Philip Cox

In 2010, as we climbed out of the recession, we had 10 hotels. Today, we have a portfolio of 20 hotels and we manage 19 of them.

These past years have been about putting the right talent on the bus and building a capable team. So far this year, we’ve brought on 5 new team members to HMS, including a regional director of operations, two area managers, a corporate salesperson, and a risk manager.

New HMS team members 2017

We have 11 corporate staff and 200 team members operating our extended stay hotels across the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States.

We’ve worked hard to put this team in place and I’m proud to say we’re at a time and place where we’re ready to scale.

As we speak we’re working to get an offer for five properties to acquire before the end of the year. This addition would add a new brand to our portfolio. More news on this soon.

The overall theme of HMS in 2017 has been to build up a better team for future growth. We have big plans ahead and so now with the talented personnel on board, we’re ready to move forward.


PS. Hotel Management Services redesigned its website.