Mitch Cox Construction completed four projects in the third quarter of 2017, including the Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry, a 5,400 s.f. project; the Highlands Union Bank, a 2,368 s.f. project next to AAA on People’s Street in Johnson City; a 5,000 s.f. expansion of the Mitch Cox Companies office headquarters; and Southeastern Retina, a 5,120 s.f. building along Med Tech Parkway.


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The Architectural Design of Southeastern Retina

Ever wonder what goes into the design aesthetic of a building? Mike Cannon, Senior Architect at Mitch Cox Construction, explains some of the thought-process behind the appearance of the recently completed Southeastern Retina office building.

Southeastern-Retina-johnson city

“One of the doctors in the group really liked the design of our current office building on Silverdale Drive and wanted to utilize some of its features,” said Cannon.

“One of the challenges involved with building in the Med-Tech Regional Business Park was the requirement to blend with the adjoining residential subdivision. The solution was to use tall parapets to conceal roof-top mechanical equipment and extra landscaping buffers were put in place to satisfy the neighbors.”

“The focal point of the project was the pedestrian accessibility area. A porte cochère was designed to allow patients to be “dropped off” in an area protected from the elements. It was constructed with steel, brick and aluminum-composite panels to define the area as the main access point.”