Mitch Cox Companies Launches Social Media


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn.  –  In June 2013Mitch Cox Companies launched their company onto multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


According to a study conducted by Experian in April 2013, over 27% of online time spent is spent on a social media platform. Facebook has over 1.1 billion monthly users, according to Facebook, Inc.. Twitter has a total of 550 million active users, according to Twitter Company, Inc.. Google reports having over 500 million registered Google+ users. LinkedIn currently has over 225 million users.


“We thought it was time to enter into the social media conversation,” said John Seward, Chief Operating Officer at Mitch Cox Companies. “Building a strong relationship with the community is highly valuable to us and to the mission of the organization.”


David Schools, Business Development Director at Mitch Cox Companies, said, “The reason for Mitch Cox Companies launching a comprehensive social media presence is threefold: to build lasting relationships with the community around us, to provide cutting-edge news and photos of developmental changes to our region and to advocate the value of leadership in business today.”


Be sure to connect with Mitch Cox Companies on your preferred social media site below:

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