Tracy Fleenor COO Mitch Cox Companies 2017
Tracy Fleenor, COO

Along with the new focus on apartments and hotels, the Mitch Cox Companies organization underwent personnel changes at the executive level in 2017.

In late spring, John Seward, Jr. retired from his position as COO, and was replaced by CFO Tracy Fleenor. To fill the CFO position, the company hired Greg Wiggins, former Chief Accounting Officer at Carmike Cinemas and previous audit manager at Ernst & Young, LLP.

“Before John retired, he helped us find someone with the experience and background to help our company scale into a larger, more sophisticated organization,” said CEO Mitch Cox. “Greg is very intelligent and his experience as an accounting professional is just what we needed.”

With regard to Fleenor’s new role, the founder said, “Having been with the company for more than 25 years, it made sense to transition Tracy to COO,” he said. “She knows more about our organization than anyone else.”

As Fleenor took over COO responsibilities, she said, “I had some big shoes to fill when I moved into the role of COO after John Seward’s retirement.”

With the recent growth in the past few years, Fleenor acknowledged that change brings challenges, but “looks forward to continuing to build an amazing team of people and equipping them with the necessary resources to accomplish our mission – to create opportunities for others to succeed.”

As Wiggins settles into his new position as CFO, he offers his initial impression and summation of the company.

“It is a very exciting time to be at Mitch Cox Companies. The company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and has established successful business units, including the construction and management of commercial properties, the construction and management of multi-family unit properties and the acquisition and management of extended-stay hotels.”

Gregory S. Wiggins, CPA

Wiggins joins the Mitch Cox Companies leadership team at a significant juncture in the company’s redefinition and storyline. His take:

“This rapid growth is transforming MCC from an entrepreneurial company to a larger organization. We have no intentions of slowing down and believe we can continue to grow each business segment not only in the Tri-Cities, but also in the Southeast area,” said Wiggins.

“Achieving the future growth and success we know we are capable of will require us to attract new forms of capital investment and develop new relationships with strategic vendors, among other challenges. But with our experienced staff in place and our commitment to our core operating values, we believe we are well-positioned for the next chapter of our company.“