Johnson City, TENN. – The Jonesborough Eye Clinic is transplanting its optometry practice from its current site to a stone’s throw down East Jackson Boulevard at 395 Forrest Circle, Unit 120, Jonesborough, TN. The owner, Dr. Kristen Pumphrey, is excited about the move.
“We wanted to have a more accessible location with increased parking for our clients. Our current building isn’t handicap-equipped nor is the layout conducive to the flow of our operation,” Pumphrey said. “Our eye clinic is modern and technologically advanced but currently, our set up does not reflect that.”
Dr. Pumphrey began the search for a local contractor/architect to design-build the new office. She interviewed four companies.
“The biggest concern I had with investing in this move was the stress level; I didn’t want to have to be at the property every day worrying about every detail,” Pumphrey said. “When I heard that some of my colleagues, including Dr. Donny Reeves of Reeves Eye Surgery Center, had had a great experiences with Mitch Cox Construction, I was curious because I know he (Donny) tends to be very selective.”
Dr. Pumphrey met with Raymond McBride, president, and Mike Cannon, architect, of Mitch Cox Construction to discuss the project.

“I gave Mike photos and ideas for what we wanted and he fine-tuned the floor plan perfectly. Raymond gave me specific budget numbers from the beginning that were firm and exact.”

Dr. Kristen Pumphrey bought the Jonesborough Eye Clinic in 2005, establishing her own practice after working in Greeneville for three years. Pumphrey said that that at the time of purchase, the Jonesborough Eye Clinic was very basic in its optometric capabilities so for the first five years Pumphrey invested in revamping the electronic equipment and opticals of the practice. Now, as a state-of-the-art operation, Pumphrey is ready to move into a more axiomatic space.
“As a private practice, we offer a consistent, one-on-one, relational service that the families we get to work with really appreciate,” Pumphrey sad. “I’m very excited to be able to serve our clients in a new building that compliments our products and services.”
The new office will incorporate space for the Jonesborough Eye Clinic to offer a wide-range of specialized opticals including brands such as World Vision, Vision of Faith, Toms, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Nike, Ray Bans, and others.
To learn more about the Jonesborough Eye Clinic, visit their website at or call 423-753-7760.
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