On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, Mitch Cox, founder and CEO of real estate company Mitch Cox Companies, announced a contract to purchase the former Tri-Cities Christian School facility located at 2423 Susannah Street, Johnson City, TN 37601. Mitch Cox made the announcement during his speech at the well-attended 6th Annual Coalition for Kids Fundraising Luncheon of 2015.


Once acquired, the approximately 30,000 square foot building will serve as the new location for Coalition for Kids, a rapidly growing regional after-school youth ministry program founded in 1998.


At the luncheon, Randy Hensley, director of Coalition for Kids, stated that the ministry’s programs are operating at full capacity, having tripled in size over the past seven years.


Mitch Cox said, “Currently, we are seeking the advice of the National Christian Foundation and its team of professional giving advisors to determine the best organizational structure for this property.”


He continued with a call to action for fellow business leaders in the Tri-Cities, “We also plan to contact many of the businesses that have helped us succeed and ask them to join us in this endeavor.


General Shale and Preston-McNeese Woodworking have already made verbal commitments.


Randy Hensley said, “At the new property we will be able to serve three times the number of kids in a day. Currently, we support and feed 100 kids per day. The new facility will enable us to grow to provide for 300 kids in a day, in addition to our satellite locations.”


Lester Lattany, chairman of the board for Tri-Cities Christian Schools, said the acquisition plan is a win-win.


He said, “We have been working hard to dispose of the property and we are glad to see it utilized in a way that continues to benefit our community. The Coalition for Kids ministry does a great job in our community and we are pleased to see Mitch Cox Companies plan for its long-term growth.”










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