Odell Cash president of Mitch Cox Construction

Even with the new focus on multifamily development, Mitch Cox Construction continues to build and renovate commercial offices in the Tri-Cities.

One project highlight from 2017 includes the completion of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee on Hart Drive in Johnson City. The LEED-certified 10,000 square foot facility was built to save 42 percent more energy than traditional office buildings.

“In addition to the natural water filtering of the landscape, the recycled and repurposed building materials give the structure a uniquely styled appearance, different from anything else in Johnson City,” said Odell Cash, president of Mitch Cox Construction.

“We’re very proud of the way the building looks, we put a lot of thought into the environmental impact of the site, how much energy it would use, etc. And we tried to make it look and feel like it was part of the natural environment,” said Blue Cross/Blue Shield COO Scott Pierce in an interview with WJHL-TV.

Photos of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee in Johnson City



Cash said, “In both our segments, commercial and multifamily, this year has been full and the future looks strong as well.”

On the multifamily front, the Lavinder Lane (Bristol), River Bend (Kingsport), and Island Road (Bristol) apartment communities are in their final stages.

To make room for new team members, the Construction team is adding 3,000 square feet of additional office space to the company’s headquarters on Silverdale Drive in Johnson City.

The new personnel and positions include:

  • Katie Casebolt, Architect (working alongside Mike Cannon, Senior Architect)
  • Daniel Lewis, promoted to Senior Project Manager over Multifamily
  • Kevin Stephenson, Multifamily Superintendent
  • Travis Royston, Multifamily Project Manager
  • Scott Neal, CAD Operator

“Construction is as busy as it’s ever been,” said founder and CEO Mitch Cox. “We’ve grown from a single-site 60-units a year operation into a multi-state 300-units a year organization.”