Lease Auditing

Lease Auditing Johnson City

Lease auditing is a complete and comprehensive examination of expenses incurred by a tenant as a part of their lease agreement. Some of the areas evaluated are Base Rent and Additional Rent, including; common area maintenance charges, utility usage and charges, construction costs, operating expense charges, CPI rate escalations, management fees, real estate & other taxes, sub-tenant charge-backs, verifying the measurements of a Premises, and all lease calculations.

In Johnson City and beyond, Mitch Cox Realtor, Inc. combines a detailed study of all lease documentation, with an in-depth analysis of the entire billing history of a lease to recognize and bring rent disputes to a resolution. We work with our clients to plan and carry out negotiation strategies to achieve the most favorable resolution of all potential claims.

Advantages to Our Lease Auditing Process

  • Realigns leases with original financial projections
  • Identifies and recovers over-payments
  • Provides assurance and peace of mind that leases are in compliance
  • Raises awareness of mistakes and miscalculations
  • Improves internal controls
  • Identifies areas for improvement in future leases

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