Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation Johnson City

The keys to leasing commercial space on behalf of an owner are: (i) knowledge of the market, (ii) properly positioning the property in the marketplace, and (iii) exposure to as many tenants and brokers as possible. Our advisers have the critical knowledge necessary for our client’s success. They have a thorough knowledge of the market, they know the tenants in the marketplace, and they know the brokers who represent certain tenants.

Our experience provides us the ability to understand what building attributes are attractive to tenants. We know the best channels to reach tenants at any point in the real estate cycle and have strong relationship with tenants and their representative to showcase properties throughout the Southeast. Equally important are the excellent relationships we have developed over the years with the many consultants involved in the leasing process, including: architects, designers, engineers, and contractors – all the experts an owner relies on to successfully complete a lease transaction in the Johnson City and Tri-Cities markets.

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