Core Principles



Our mission is to create customer loyalty by delighting our guests and enabling our team members.

Customer loyalty is the foundation of our business. We will succeed only by delivering to every one of our guests a satisfying, great stay at our hotels. At all of our properties we challenge ourselves by asking each day, how can I exceed the expectations of the guests?

Our tagline demonstrates the importance and focus we have on delighting our guest. We delight our guests by consistently providing a clean, affordable, safe, and simple experience – providing a home – for our traveling guests.

Enabling our team members is what makes HMS a great place to work. We want YOU to succeed! We believe that you will do your best work when you feel most empowered and equipped to do it. This is so important to us that we wanted to put it in our mission statement.

A mission statement is merely words if it is not backed up with actions. Our core values – the actions by which we run our business every day – are FIRM. They are grounded in Faith, Integrity, Respect, and Motivation. We believe that faith gives us a foundation of truth; that our words should equal our actions; that each person deserves respect; and that we should be passionate about what we do.


We strive to adhere to the Christian values as outlined in the Bible. The truth found in Scripture provides the foundation and purpose for the rest of our core values.

We strive to act with moral and honest character; our actions and words are aligned while remaining dedicated to doing whatever is required to get the job done. Our decisions are ones we L.I.K.E. because they are based on Logic, Intuition, Knowledge, and Experience.

We strive to treat others fairly with worth and excellence. We are committed to doing what is right personally and professionally to see that everyone’s point of view is respected and treated with courtesy.

We strive to work with excitement and energy towards a purpose. We believe in constant and never-ending improvement in all that we do, to ensure quality, knowledge-gaining, and productivity across all areas of the company.

At Hotel Management Services, we strive to to reflect these core principles in how we do business and how we care for our team members – our greatest asset.