We offer pre-construction services as a formal approach to assisting our clients in developing the scope of work, cost, and scheduling for their projects, prior to engaging in construction. Our pre-construction approach typically begins by assembling a project team consisting of architectural, engineering, construction, and estimating representatives. This team will serve as the single point of contact and collaboratively assess the needs of your project. In their initial assessment, the team will review the design requirements, the formatting of the deliverables, and the proposed time frame for the project to establish the following: preliminary design documents; conceptual estimates with subcontractor and vendor input; project scheduling; value engineering possibilities; and contractual options.

In the preliminary design process, constructability reviews are held to determine the most cost-effective methods for project delivery that maintain the integrity of our client’s desired outcome. Incremental status review meetings are also held as appropriate to balance the overall time frame for project completion with the proposed budget. 

Upon completion of the pre-construction process, the client will be presented with the project scope of work, preliminary design deliverables (drawings, sketches, specifications, etc.), a detailed cost estimate, an integrated project schedule, and an execution plan. A contracting approach and/or proposal for the complete project delivery will also be presented at this time.

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