Tenant Representation

As the economy continues to experience change, risks are more apparent. Competition is growing and the battle for market share is more fierce than ever before. That’s why Mitch Cox Realtor, Inc. serves as a strategic partner providing a thorough assessment of our client’s real estate needs and developing a careful plan for either staking a market presence, relocating or expanding. Our experienced professionals identify locations and prospective buildings that meet our client’s determined criteria, considering economic, physical and contractual issues. Our agents work diligently to provide the most accurate financial and market data to assist in the decision-making process.

Our experience, coupled with local market knowledge and the ability to understand what attributes are essential and attractive to our clients, has contributed to our success in meeting the objectives of our many clients. Our professionalism is well received in the brokerage community. Equally important are the excellent relationships we have developed over the years with the many parties involved in the leasing process, including; architects, engineers, contractors, signage companies, and city planners – all of whom are often intricately involved for a tenant to successfully complete a lease transaction.

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