Core Principles


Founded in 1979, Mitch Cox Companies has grown from a small-scale real estate development company to a high volume, full-service real estate solutions company providing development, brokerage, hotel management, architecture, residential and commercial construction, property management, and marketing services for clients across the Southeast and Midwest United States. Over the decades, the company has abided by the same Christian core principles that have guided the company through success and failure for years past and will continue to do so for years to come. This document is the identification and articulation of those core principles and the explanation behind them.
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Crafting a Christian Mission Statement

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Our Mission

To create opportunities for others to succeed by
honoring God in the work He has given us as
a real estate solutions company.

Why We Chose the Words We Chose

“To create opportunities for others to succeed…”

Creating opportunities for others to succeed is the value that a Mitch Cox Companies’ real estate solution provides. Whether it’s developing a shopping center for business owners to occupy and make a living, building apartments for young married couples to begin their new life together, leasing space for an artist to pursue her creative dreams, managing a hotel so that traveling nurses have a place to stay, or providing secure financial returns to investors, the value we create is giving others opportunities to succeed through either a building or time.

A building represents an opportunity to live or work effectively and efficiently. We seek to create these opportunities in the buildings we design, construct, lease, sell, and renovate for our clients to pursue their visions.

Time represents an opportunity to use one’s freedom. We seek to create time-based opportunities through our management companies. We manage commercial property, commercial associations, residential associations, hotels, and apartments so that others have the freedom to use their time most effectively and efficiently.

If we create opportunities for our clients, community, team members, investors, and vendors to succeed, then we succeed. If we fail to create viable opportunities for our stakeholders, then we will not grow as a healthy organization. Our growth is contingent upon the quality of opportunities we present to our stakeholders, both inside and outside the company.

“…by honoring God…”

The most important purpose in the lives of the team members of the Mitch Cox Companies organization is to honor God. This mission is the basis upon which the organization was founded. This is what motivates the team members each day. This is the most foundational and primary purpose of the lives of the Mitch Cox Companies’ team members.

How do we honor God? We honor God by striving earnestly to submit to His authority as written in His Word, striving to serve others with humility and love, and seeking to be like Him daily in our thoughts, words, and actions.

The word “by” signifies an important implication. If we strive to fulfill our primary purpose of honoring God as a real estate solutions company, then as a result, we will create opportunities for others to succeed.

It is important to note that the word “by” is used and not the word “thereby,” which would mean that we are the ones creating opportunities for others to succeed which results in honoring God. But this is not true. God is the one who creates opportunities for all, and He has allowed us to be a part of His orchestrated plan. Our responsibility is to honor Him in the opportunity He has given us — as a real estate solutions company — and as result, we get to be a part of His giving others an opportunity to succeed as well.

Our mission is to create opportunities for others to succeed. Why and how do we do this? By striving to honor God.

“…in the work He has given us…”

This third phrase affirms the preceding three words, “by honoring God” through recognizing that the only reason Mitch Cox Companies is able to do business at all is because God has given the organization the business to do in the first place. All opportunity, success, failure, growth, and responsibility come from the Lord, according to His sovereign plan.

To not include this clause would not give credit where the credit is due.

“…as a real estate solutions company.”

A mission statement defines the line of work in which a company is engaged. At Mitch Cox Companies, real estate is our field of expertise. We use the term “full-service real estate firm” to describe our capabilities in providing solutions in development, construction, development, architecture, property management and brokerage, hotel management, real estate investments, and real estate marketing. This clause is included in our mission statement to define the type of work in which we are engaged.
Also, the word “as” holds a significant meaning in this phrase. In our primary purpose — to honor God — we could have been given any form of business, whether it be a non-profit, retail sales, technology, engineering, municipal, etc. Regardless of our organization’s field, the purpose would have still been to honor God in our daily operations through Christian ministry. At Mitch Cox Companies, we seek to honor God in our daily operations through Christian ministry “as a real estate solutions company” because this is what the Sovereign Giver has chosen for us.

Operating Values

  • Transparency — We will hold ourselves to a high standard of openness to maintain a culture of trust.
  • Outperformance — We will strive to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders with enthusiasm and determination.
  • Fairness — We will strive to provide our clients, suppliers, partners, and team members fair solutions founded in integrity.
  • Confidentiality — We will value the information we receive and the information we dispense with due care and respect.

Without these Biblical principles, Mitch Cox Companies would not be the company it is today.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Mitch Cox Companies and our desire to build an organizational culture that is submitted to God and His Word.

We invite your comments and questions, and most of all, your accountability to hold us to these Core Principles.